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The Tools To Succeed: Building The Perfect Tool Kit For The Trails 

A day on the trails can really test your mettle, and the tools you bring along can make all the difference between an epic journey or an epic failure. With limited cargo space, you’ll need to decide which tools are absolutely necessary and which are taking up precious real estate in your vehicle. If you’re hinging on which tools to pack for your next off road adventure, we’re here with a few ideas to help you decide what to add to your arsenal. From a trusty air compressor to a good set of gloves, these tools will set you up for success, ensuring that your next off road expedition is filled with excitement, instead of unexpected setbacks.


An air compressor offers a multitude of benefits, the first of which is the ability to adjust tire pressures on the fly. Airing down will get you a bigger contact area between your tires and the terrain, and it only takes a few moments with a tire pressure gauge or a deflator set to accurately lower your PSI. On the other hand, airing back up before you hit the highway can be tricky without an air compressor. If you’re banking on making it to the nearest service station to reinflate, there’s always a chance that you could damage or de-bead your tires before you get there. A great solution and staple for your off-road vehicle toolkit is the compact, but capable ARB Air Locker. This little compressor will allow you the freedom to make adjustments for whatever road conditions or terrain you may encounter, and it’s small enough to tuck away.

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ARB Air Locker Air Compressor

ARB tire pressure gauge and deflator set, frontal view


When it comes to fine-tuning your tire pressure for off-road conditions, there's no better tool than a tire pressure gauge. A good gauge takes the guesswork out of airing down, and is just a good tool to have in general. There are lots of types to choose from, including gauges with deflator kits that can be set in advance for easy deflation at the trailhead. A perfect companion to your gauge is a tire repair kit, which will come in handy if you end up with multiple punctures. It’s hard to press on with confidence if you’ve already mounted your spare tire, but a decent kit like the ARB Speedy Seal Sii Repair Kit can give you peace of mind knowing you can turn unforeseen events into a quick fix. You'll have your vehicle back on the road in no time.

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We’ve all forgotten them, and we’ve all regretted it. In all honesty, gloves should be at the top of the list, but just make sure that they make it into your kit because they’ll probably get the most usage out of all your tools. Whether you wear them for rigging, changing a flat or wrenching on a part, they'll protect your hands from cuts, burns or just getting dirty. A good pair like the ARB Recovery Glove doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg (no pun intended), and will provide a protective barrier during recovery, at the campsite or when making adjustments to your rig.

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ARB recovery gloves, lifestyle image

Wratchet and socket set


Speaking of wrenching and making adjustments, you’re going to want to carry a good set of hand tools. Even if nothing goes wrong, at least you’d be covered if it did. There’s a lot you can take care of with a basic set of wrenches, ratchets, sockets and screwdrivers. Pack a hammer for those seized and rusted nuts and bolts, wire cutters for electrical issues and a roll of electrical tape or a handful of crimp connectors just in case. A telescopic magnet is great for retrieving dropped bolts and bits, and it’s not a bad idea to bring some pliers and a multi-tool. You can never go wrong with duct tape, but that just kind of goes without saying. 

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Jumper cables are an essential failsafe for any vehicle, but there are a couple more items you’ll want to consider for your toolkit. A digital multimeter and a jump starter can be literal lifesavers out in the middle of nowhere. A multimeter can help you troubleshoot a host of electrical issues on the spot, saving you hours of guesswork out on the trail. A simple mistake like leaving a dome light on can drain down your car battery, and if you're on the road with kids and friends, it's easy to get distracted. This is easily solved with a jump starter, a compact and powerful device that can breathe life into a dead car battery, offering you peace of mind in remote locations where traditional jump-starting may not be an option. These three items together can help you to sort out your electrical gremlins, jump start your vehicle and get your adventure back on track in no time at all.

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Image of jumper cables

Image of Jeep with winch mounted to the front


Recovery gear is indispensable for vehicles wheeling through rough terrain. A reliable winch can be used to keep your rig from tipping when you’re passing over steep ledges, or it can act as an assist for moving forward over large obstacles. It can be your lifeline when you find yourself stuck, providing a means to pull your vehicle out of a predicament and stay on course. Whatever the case, you’ll be glad you invested in one, and there’s a whole host of options out there to choose from.

Recovery Boards offer an effective way to get a grip when traction has been compromised. They are lightweight, allowing you to easily place them where traction is needed. A good recovery board like the ARB TRED HD is constructed from high quality materials that are engineered for both strength and durability, so they can take the weight of heavy vehicles, as well as handle the dirt, rocks and rough surfaces on the trail.

Whether you need to rig your vehicle up to a winch, a tree, another vehicle, or even make a dead man, a good recovery kit will give you lots of options to make it happen. A pre-packed recovery kit provides an assortment of essential gear, including snatch straps, shackles, recovery dampers and so on. With these tools at your disposal, you’ll have just about everything you need to explore the great outdoors with confidence.

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A hi lift jack is a great tool to lift a wheel or your vehicle’s body to clear an obstacle. You can even manually winch a vehicle or unbead a tire from the wheel with a hi lift jack, and with a bit of practice, there’s about a million ways to use one. On the other hand, a bottle jack is more stout and sturdy, making your off-roader stable enough to change out a wheel or work safely underneath. The combination of jacks, along with a shovel to clear dirt and debris for a jacking footprint or to create a little level ground will ensure that you make it to your destination in one piece.

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Image of Jeep with jack mount, side view

Motul oil and filter kit


Spare belts, hoses, clamps and maybe even some JB Weld may come in handy down the road (or trail). Even if you don’t end up using any of your spare car parts, your off-roading buddies might need a bit of help with their vehicles. Of course, it's also not a bad idea to pack an extra quart of oil, a little coolant and other fluids in case of leaks or loss caused by rolling or tipping. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and a small cache of parts won’t take up too much of your cargo space.

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Preparation is key when you're off the road and in the wilderness. The right tools can make or break your next adventure, and we’re hoping this guide will help you to decide which tools are essential for a good experience on the trails. As always, if you have any questions or need some advice before tackling your next set of trails, we’re here to help. Feel free to give us a call at (410) 840 - 3555 or send us an email at Happy off-roading!

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