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Get ready, Bronco enthusiasts! The highly anticipated Bronco Super Celebration event is just around the corner, set to take place in Townsend, Tennessee from April 17th through 20th. As avid supporters of the Bronco community, IAG Off-Road is gearing up to hit the road and showcase our latest offerings. Our team will be on-site, bringing along a trailer packed to the brim with tons of upgrades developed specifically for our favorite rig of all time, the Ford Bronco! From catalog classics to newly developed innovations, we've got something for every Bronco aficionado. Excited to see our newest mods and upgrades? Get a sneak peek of all our new releases right here, and don't forget to swing by our booth at the Bronco Super Celebration event to see them in person!


Not sure why you need an Air Oil Separator? Here’s the lowdown. First, it's designed to prevent oil vapors from entering your engine's intake system, which can lead to carbon buildup and reduced performance over time. Secondly, it helps maintain optimal engine efficiency by separating oil particles from the air, ensuring cleaner air reaches your engine. And finally, it extends the lifespan of your engine components by reducing the amount of oil contaminants circulating within the system. In short, an Air Oil Separator is a small investment that can yield significant benefits for your vehicle's performance and longevity.

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Photo of AOS for Ford, installed.

Photo of Air Oil Separator for Ford Bronco, installed.


Our AOS design is based on years of extensive research, development, and testing. It features a spacious 1-liter cast aluminum swirl pot canister that more effectively separates oil from the PCV system upstream of PCV gasses’ return to the intake system. The heated cast aluminum housing, exceptional venting, and one-of-a-kind baffle design truly sets the IAG AOS apart from the competition. Designed to fit both the 2.3L and 2.7L 2021+ Ford Broncos, along with the 2017-2022 Ford F-150 and Raptor 3.5L EcoBoost models, the innovative IAG AOS system is easy to install, and does not require maintenance after installation.

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Deflating your tires out on the trails will provide a larger contact patch for better traction on rough terrain, while also safeguarding against tire damage and ensuring a smoother ride for you and your passengers. Airing back up to drive home can prove to be tricky if you’re out in the middle of nowhere, and driving at highway speeds with aired down tires can be downright dangerous, with the potential to cause damage to your tires, wheels, and even your vehicle. This is where the IAG Tailgate Air Compressor System comes in.

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Close up photo of IAG air compressor installed.

Photo of IAG Tailgate Air Compressor.


This convenient, integrated system mounts securely to your 2021+ Ford Bronco's rear tailgate, providing easy access to two quick-connect air couplers linked to a powerful air compression system for effortless inflation on the road or trail. Just connect your pneumatic hose to the port located at the spare tire mount or inside the tailgate and turn it on using the interior tailgate switch or an OE auxiliary switch.

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Great for camping, the IAG Tailgate Air Compressor System can quickly inflate air mattresses, rafts, and water toys. Easily adjust your adaptive air suspension to carry heavy loads, or for towing. Additionally, it can be used with pneumatic tools, making it indispensable for quick automotive repairs. Whether you're at the campsite, on the trail, or on the highway, IAG’s Tailgate Air Compressor System offers unmatched versatility and convenience.

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Photo of person paddling an inflatable raft.

Photo of Bronco soft top with EZ-Lift installed.


If you have a soft top on your Ford Bronco, then you know how frustrating it can be to try to access your cargo area, especially if you have an armload of gear. Opening the rear hatch on your OEM Ford Bronco soft top requires you to use both hands simultaneously to operate the hatch levers. Closing it can be just as tricky, as there are no handles to pull it shut, which can make loading and unloading your cargo that much more difficult. We made it easier to open and close your soft top with the EZ-Lift, which uses two powerful struts to raise and support the soft top rear hatch, but we found there was still room for improvement. With the IAG EZ-Pull, you can single-handedly open the rear hatch using the EZ-Pull handle. While the EZ-Pull allows you to effortlessly open your rear soft top hatch, the EZ-Lift raises and holds the hatch while you access your cargo area. The EZ-Pull also incorporates the use of two side-by-side IAG Paracord Grab Handles for easy closure. Together, the EZ-Lift and EZ-Pull are the perfect upgrade for added convenience and functionality.

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If you have one of our original Dome Light Kits installed in your 2021+ Ford Bronco, you’ve already experienced the benefits of our ultra-bright LED interior lighting system. A common complaint with the original Dome Light Kits was that the installation was too difficult. Once again, we’ve gone even further to perfect our Dome Light Kit by developing The IAG Dome Light Harness Upgrade Kit. This plug and play module and wiring harness allows you to control your IAG Dome Light Kit using the OEM Bronco overhead console button. The new kit is fully plug and play, with no need to modify existing wiring.

Take a look at our interior lighting options for your Ford Bronco-

Photo of IAG Dome Light Kit.

Lifestyle photo of IAG dome light kit.


Don’t have our original Dome Light Kit, but thinking of upgrading? Our new Interior LED Dome Light Kit With Harness is a complete kit that improves upon the Bronco’s original design by adding four dome lights for full-coverage illumination of your rear seating area. This kit gives you the option to control the lights using the OEM Bronco overhead console button, or you can choose to configure it to work with an auxiliary switch. This easy upgrade is the perfect solution to light up your Bronco’s interior, while keeping the control right at your fingertips.

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As the Bronco Super Celebration event draws near, we're eagerly preparing to be part of the largest Bronco gathering in the world and one of our favorite events to attend! Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in everything Bronco-related and get a firsthand look at our newest products. You can't miss us, we're literally hauling down a full-size tractor-trailer rig, complete with displays, a TV wall, and a full inventory of aftermarket upgrades for your Bronco. We hope we’ll see you there! Of course, if you need any advice or assistance in the meantime, feel free to give us a call at (410) 840 - 3555 or send us an email at

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