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Comfort, Performance and Control - Bilstein's Highest Reviewed Off-Road Suspension Kits

Looking for a better off road experience, but not sure where to start? A bit of extra traction and clearance can open up a whole new world of possibilities for your vehicle. A suspension lift kit will allow you to upgrade your wheels and tires, giving you some added traction, as well as the clearance and articulation needed to take on more serious trails. IAG Off-Road has tons of options to modify your ride, including a great selection of performance suspension components from Bilstein Shocks. In this article we will spotlight some of Bilstein's best reviewed suspension packages for lifting your off road vehicle and improving your ride quality out on the trails.


Here at IAG Off-Road, we make it a point to carry the best products on the market, and Bilstein is no exception. Whether you choose a coil over kit or a heavy load product, Bilstein has specifically designed their suspension components with position sensitive damping for greater ride comfort, as well as a line of shock absorber kits made solely for off road motorsports. They're stronger, they're adjustable and the price point for a Bilstein kit, while not cheap, is a good value for the money. 

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Frontal view of uninstalled Bilstein suspension

Bilstein 5100 shock, uninstalled


If you're just starting out and want to gain a little more clearance under your ride, the Bilstein 5100 series is a good place to start. There is a 5100 strut insert to fit under just about any ride you can think of. Whether you have a Jeep, a Bronco, a Toyota Tacoma or even a Subaru, Bilstein has you covered. What's great about the 5100s is that they can be used in conjunction with your factory coils. Since the 5100 series features multiple C-clip settings, it's easy to increase the ride height by up to 3", as well as adjust the pre-load on the OEM coil.

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The versatile Bilstein 5100 series can also work with aftermarket springs (check out our link for some highly rated favorites from Old Man Emu down below), allowing you more control over the height and feel of your ride. The 5100 shock absorber is designed to fit directly onto your lifted truck or SUV, and features a durable monotube design that provides a fade free performance. In short, the Bilstein 5100 has a lot of bells and whistles, giving you comfort, adjustability and quality at a fair price.

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Old Man Emu coil springs, uninstalled view

Bilstein 6100 shock, uninstalled view


If you're looking for a little more off road capability, the next jump up is the Bilstein 6112 series. These Bilstein shocks come with cold wound coil springs and billet aluminum spring seats that are adjustable up to 3" of additional ride height. The springs can be easily moved with little resistance, thanks to multiple snap-ring grooves in the shock absorber body.

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When it comes to quality and durability, Bilstein doesn't compromise. The 6112 Bilstein shocks feature a large 60mm body for increased oil capacity, cooling, and a longer life span. The monotube design ensures consistent, fade-free damping performance for greater comfort and control. The Bilstein 6112 series is the best of both worlds, able to take on the road or the trail without a compromise in agility or handling.

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Lifestyle image of Jeep with off-road set up

Bilstein 8112 suspension, uninstalled


For more serious off road adventures, there's the Bilstein 8112 series. Bigger obstacles require more clearance and room for articulation, and the 8112 suspension components feature a threaded spring seat for ride height adjustability up to almost 4". It's a pretty significant jump for a direct fit part that doesn't require any modification to install.

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The Bilstein 8112 series features three compression zones and two rebound zones, which basically means that they work to dampen at different rates, depending on the terrain; this will allow you to have comfort and control in city driving situations, while also providing the ability to capably conquer rugged road conditions and technical off road trails. What's more is that the Bilstein 8112s come equipped with a remote reservoir to provide increased cooling, which prevents fading out on the trails.

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Lifestyle photo of Ford truck crossing river

Bilstein 8112 series suspension, uninstalled


Choosing the right set of Bilstein shocks for your ride really just depends on how you'll be using your vehicle. Let's break it down. The 5100 series provides a solid option for those who do a bit of off road exploration every now and again, but also want the functionality of a city driver. They offer the versatility to either use your factory coil springs or upgrade to an aftermarket option. For a little more aggressive use on the trails, the Bilstein 6112s provide a good middle ground. The 6112s come equipped with coil springs from Bilstein, and allow for a few inches of adjustability. Finally, there's the 8112 series that comes equipped with features like a remote reservoir, an easy to adjust spring seat and a whopping 4" of adjustability that will allow you to take on tougher obstacles. All three of these options can be directly mounted to your truck's factory mounting points without modification.

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You Can't Go Wrong- No matter which set of Bilstein shocks you land on, you really can't go wrong. Bilstein offers a great product at a great value, especially if you're looking for an off road specific option. Of course, if you're wanting to explore more brands and options, we have over 4,000 suspension product options in our catalog from top manufacturers like FOX, ARB, ICON, Old Man Emu and more. As always, if you have any questions or need some advice, IAG Off-Road has the expertise you need. Also, please feel free to give us a call at (410) 840 - 3555 or shoot us an email at - we’d love to help!

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