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Camp Anywhere: Setting Up Your Off-Road Vehicle for Camping Excursions

Car camping is a great way to escape the city and spend more time exploring nature or hitting off-road trails. It's practical, affordable, and the ability to set up camp for the night will allow you to extend your outdoor trips and check out places you wouldn't be able to reach in a day. Setting up your off-road vehicle to work double-duty as a camper has a lot of benefits—you can avoid driving in the dark, get a good night’s rest, enjoy a real meal, and simply have more fun on your outdoor adventures. In this blog, we'll guide you through the essentials of preparing your off-road rig for car camping, ensuring you're equipped for a comfortable stay in the great outdoors.


Cargo space can be a precious commodity out on the trails, especially if you’re adding camping equipment into the mix. A rooftop tent like Thule’s Tepui Foothill Soft Shell Tent will not only save you space inside your rig, but its compact design preserves valuable space on your roof for bikes, kayaks and other cargo. Thule also has larger tent options like the Tepui Ruggedized Kukenam 3. This large platform tent will give you a bit of extra room, as well as the option to mount at the rooftop or over a truck bed without infringing on the cargo area. One of the standout features of rooftop tents is their ease of setup; they can be pitched quickly and easily, without having to worry about rocky, uneven surfaces or wet ground.

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Photo of Thule Tepui Ruggedized Kukenam 3

Photo of IAG I-Line Air Mattress for Cargo Area


For a true car camping experience, you can forgo the tent altogether and sleep in your rig. To make the most of your interior floor space, a specifically designed mattress to match your make and model will give you the most room for a comfortable night’s sleep. The IAG I-Line Air Mattress For Cargo Area is molded to perfectly fill out the entire back interior of the 2021+ Ford Bronco. This thick mattress will give you a bit of cushion from your vehicle’s floor, and will provide you with a bit of security and comfort as you sleep safely inside your Bronco.

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Keeping your food provisions cold for days at a time can be a constant struggle with traditional coolers. The hassle of buying ice, dealing with soggy food from melted ice, and inevitably ending up with warm food can make outdoor trips more challenging than they need to be. ARB makes it a lot easier to keep food cool out on the trail with their Zero Fridge Freezer. This refrigerator / freezer combo allows you to keep your food fresh while traveling for longer periods without having to restock ice or constantly drain your cooler. Available in sizes ranging from 47 quarts up to 101 quarts, you’re sure to find the perfect match to fit in your cargo space. ARB’s fridge slide adds to the convenience by allowing the fridge to slide out on a drawer-type slide for easy access.

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ARB Zero Fridge Freezer

Photo of IAG I-Line Tailgate Table with Integrated Cutting Board


Cooking outdoors can feel like a chore if you don’t have the right setup in place. IAG’s I-Line Tailgate Table with Integrated Cutting Board mounts to the inside of your 2021+ Ford Bronco’s rear tailgate, taking up virtually no interior cargo space. This convenient cooking, prepping and work surface can be easily accessed by opening your tailgate and then folding down the table. The table features a pull-out cutting board that nearly doubles the work surface, and removes completely for easy cleaning. The IAG Tailgate Table mounts at the perfect height so that you can comfortably stand to prepare your meals, keeping you and your food up and out of the dirt. This table is a great way to simplify your outdoor cooking setup, it’s definitely a great choice for camping.

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Extra storage is crucial when you’re adding camping gear into the mix of off-road and recovery gear. Whether you want to bring the bikes along, or you need a place to put your tools, there’s tons of storage options to match every need. If your off-road rig happens to be a truck, a tonneau cover is an easy solution to keep your gear securely stowed and protected from the elements. For Broncos, Jeeps and closed-body rigs, Thule’s storage systems provide exterior bike storage options that won’t infringe upon your cargo space. To keep your interior organized and free of clutter, MOLLE panels and organizer bags are worth every penny.

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Photo of Jeep with Thule truck bed bike rack installed.

Photo of Ford Broncos with IAG Tailgate Air Compressor System.


Deflating your tires to improve your traction on the trails is a common practice, but airing back up often means having to carry a bulky pump system, or having to nervously drive to the nearest service station to re-inflate your tires. The IAG Tailgate Air Compressor System mounts securely inside the tailgate of your 2021+ Ford Bronco, so you won’t have to carve out extra space in your cargo compartment. IAG’s Air Compressor System is perfect for camping, this versatile system can inflate air mattresses, rafts, water toys and bike tires. It can also be used with pneumatic tools and, of course, off-road tires!

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Setting up your off-road vehicle for camping can greatly enhance your next excursion; you’ll be able to drive further and visit more places knowing you can just pull over and spend the night wherever you happen to end up. With the right equipment, you can enjoy a good night’s rest, fresh meals, and hassle-free adventures. Whether you're planning a weekend getaway or a longer expedition, our selection of off-road and outdoor products can make your camping experience more enjoyable. If you're unsure about which gear to choose, feel free to contact us at (410) 840 - 3555 or for expert advice. We're always happy to help!

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